How often do you think to yourself or say out loud to others that you “have to” do something?

Do you feel burdened by your tasks because you “have to” do them?

I know I have thought this way before.

But guess what? We don’t actually “have to” do anything.

Everything that we do is a choice, and we are choosing to do it because we’d rather do it than experience the consequence of not doing it.

So, even though there are consequences, everything is still our choice. We get to decide what we want to do.

Do you “have to” go to work to pay the bills? Actually no, but you are choosing to do it because you enjoy living in a home with electricity and heat. You prefer to have a smart phone, so you choose to pay that bill.

You choose to work on your side business because you believe in your product or service and its value to the world.

When you start thinking about everything in your life that you “have to” do as a choice, it starts to bring more peace, clarity and gratitude to your day and life.

What are some things you think you “have to” do that you can now see are actually your choice? How does it feel to remember you are in complete control?