Mini-blog today is about working out because I?m so thankful for these last 2 years I?ve enjoyed working out at Results Gym. I’ve gone to the group workouts at 5 AM Monday through Thursday for almost every day for the past 2 years, and it has felt amazing both physically and mentally.

Being fully committed to going takes away all the back-and-forth mind chatter I used to have and I know a lot of people have. Do I go tomorrow or not? I don?t really feel like it. Maybe skip tomorrow and go the next day.

Having a structure I commit to means I set the alarm and get up without questioning it. It?s amazing.

How did I get into the habit though, and why did I commit to it? The habit was formed through doing it consistently for a long enough period of time. I?d say probably about 6 months before it was truly a habit.

And the why? I think this is the most important. I would ask myself this question a lot at the beginning. Why am I doing this? Why am I getting up so early and going to bed early every day? Why am I pushing through the discomfort during the workout to lift heavier weights or jump higher?

The answer I kept getting is that it makes me feel so great! Both the gym time itself and afterwards all day.

During the workout, I love how I?ve gotten to know many of the other people who go (shout out to 5 AM crew!), so there is a spirit of camaraderie.

Also, once I get into the movements, I?m very present and it?s almost meditative. I?m usually not thinking about anything else other than the movement I?m doing because it requires a lot of effort and concentration.

Getting stronger and sweating hard and moving all feel really good for my body – this is my perspective that I?ve cultivated.

Mentally, having that feeling that I already completed a hard workout today feels accomplished and healthy.

I?ve had times in my past where I didn?t look forward to exercise and had a different perspective. My perspective had been that I didn?t like it but it was necessary for health. With that perspective working out and exercise were a struggle.

I?m glad I?ve shifted my perspective by looking at it in a different way.

Is working out consistently something that you embrace or is it something you struggle with? How does your perspective on working out impact it? What is your why?

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