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FEEL REJUVENATED. GET BETTER SLEEP. Through Life Coaching With Rebekah.

You feel so tired and out of control. You aren?t sleeping well, and you?re not getting enough sleep. You feel disconnected from your days.

As your Coach, I will help you see what you can?t see and help you make a change and feel relief.

I help professional men and women get better sleep, feel rejuvenated and back in control of their lives. Through coaching, I will take you from where you are in your current situation, and we will create plans together to solve your problems regarding why you aren’t sleeping now.

I?ll work with you one-on-one over the phone. We will schedule eight (8) 50-minute phone sessions, approximately one week apart. In addition to the phone sessions, you will receive email support, daily activities for you to utilize to make the changes in your life, and materials explaining why sleep is so important and how it affects our physiology.

By the end of working with me, you will have transformed your life and will be living a life of regular satisfying sleep. And in return, you?ll be feeling healthy and vibrant and so much more energized. You?ll feel like you have gained control over all the other aspects of your life.

The routine becomes effortless and comforting once this all falls into place. The mind is able to relax and doesn?t have to put that willpower into the struggle every night.

Schedule a Free Mini-Session with me by clicking here. I will coach you and provide you with actionable tips you can use right away. And, we can discuss what it would look like to work with me.

We?ll look at your bedtime routines. Time to go to bed and everything else leading up to that. Oftentimes you will just be going through your nights distracted, trying to relax but at the same time hyped on technology. And even when your body is telling you it?s time to go to sleep, you will keep staying up. Then, by the time you finally decide to go to bed, and time to do bedtime things, you?ve lost hours that you could?ve otherwise been asleep, without even knowing that this is a wasted time cycle. So, I will help you identify that and create a plan.

We will really look at the mental obstacles to why you haven?t been going to bed on time. Why you?ve been staying up. A lot of times there?s anxiety around the next day. Dread for the morning and workday. By subconsciously staying up, you feel like you?re avoiding that dread. So, we will look at that and look at how that thinking can change so that you are looking forward to going to bed. And looking forward to sleep time. And then waking up much more rejuvenated and looking forward to that day.

The coaching program also includes a customized plan for a few minutes each evening using a combination of meditation, journaling, affirmations and visualization. Visually preparing for the next day. Visualizing waking up, feeling refreshed. This is coaching for self-care.

Recognize that more sleep is needed and be willing to commit to making the changes toward more sleep.



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