What’s a problem you?re having right now in your life?

Do you want it solved? Do you know how to solve it?

Do you know what makes this situation a problem?

You may be thinking that the situation is a problem in a of itself, but it?s actually the way you?re thinking about the situation that makes it a problem.

You might be thinking this doesn?t make sense or that this is weird life coach talk.

But think about it. Two different people in the same situation could be thinking about the situation totally differently. One thinks it?s a problem and the one person doesn?t.

Therefore, it?s not the situation itself, it?s way the person is thinking about it.

In the house we just moved into, there is no doggy door. So, we have to let the dogs out often, as our older dog takes medications that cause him to need to pee a lot.

My husband thinks this is fine that we let them out all the time. But I think it?s a problem, and I?d like to get a doggy door installed.

So, it?s not a problem for my husband, just for me because of the way I?m thinking about it.

So many of us want to change to circumstance to feel better and to solve the problem. If we are able to change the circumstance, the only reason we feel better is because our thinking changed.

If I were to get the doggy door installed, my thinking would change to ?I?m glad we have this now. Problem solved.?

But what if I were unable to change the circumstance, or the consequences of changing the circumstance were too high?

This is actually part of the situation because there is no good place for the door, it?s pricy, and when we move out we want to rent the place out to tenants without pets.

So, I can choose to keep thinking about it my way and suffer until the circumstance changes.

Or I can choose to think that it’s not a problem and choose to think that it?s ok to keep letting them out manually.

It?s my choice how I want to think about it and how I want to feel about it.

This isn?t about positive thinking. It?s about choosing how we want to think.

Whether you?re dealing with a ?small problem? like this example, or one that feels like a ?big problem?, you can apply this perspective to either.

Also, there?s no right or wrong way to think about your situation. The point is that you don?t need to suffer if you don?t want to. You get to choose how you want to think about it and how you want to feel.

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