I?m going to my friend?s wedding tonight. And I?m thrilled for her to be marrying someone she loves so much and who is so compatible for her.

This wedding is a celebration of love, and I?m reminded about the love I feel for my husband.

I learned something within the last year about love that I had never known before. Love is a feeling, and it is a choice caused by how we?re choosing to think about a person.

It isn?t something that happens to us beyond our control. Which is weird to think about because this is the message we?ve grown up with and that society teaches.

Don?t we just fall in love? Actually no. We have feelings of love because we choose to think loving thoughts.

When we think: ?I love him so much? or ?I love her so much? this thought creates love.

Alternatively, when we have a feeling of pain that we are associating with love, it?s not really love, it?s a different feeling, like sadness, loss or loneliness.

True love always feels good.

What do you think of this concept that love is a choice? Is there someone in your life that you want to love more? If you want to feel more love, how can you you change your thinking to produce those loving feelings?

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