Have you ever heard of wanting what you already have?

This is such a cool concept I learned during life coach training. The idea is to think about everything you want in life, and include things about your life that you already have.

This produces an energy similar to gratitude, but different. It?s a feeling of abundance. It?s knowing that you can have what you want because, look! you already have many of the things you want.

By things I also mean people and experiences.

Like, I want a loving husband, and I have one! I want dogs, and I have them!

It?s exciting to recognize all the aspects that I have in life that I want. Then, when I daydream about the things I want that I don?t yet have, it feels good. It feels possible. It feels like it?s a for sure thing.

What do you want that you already have? How does it feel to ask this question? Would life be different if you were to ask this question more often?

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