Often when I?m going to sleep, I choose something to think about that makes me feel good.

I will visualize a pretty scene or an upcoming event that I?m looking forward to.

As I close my eyes and lay my head on the pillow, I imagine a lovely sunset. I?m there watching it, feeling warm, feeling peace. Then, I drift to sleep.

Other times, I?m imagining an event I?m looking forward to, like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

This might sound strange (IDK), but I?ll often think about what I?m going to wear, and this is an enjoyable process. Once I?ve decided what I?m going to wear, I imagine myself, sometimes I?m going through all the steps that will get me to the event, in a peaceful way.

I imagine smiling and laughing and listening to music. I visualize conversation and hugs and overall enjoyment.

Not only does visualization help me fall asleep quickly, I believe this sets me up to have a great time at the event. I?ve already projected that this is how I want to be and how I want it to go, so the chance of it happening that way are a lot better than if I imagined it differently or didn?t plan at all.

Obviously, things happen that we can?t control, life?s circumstances. But we have a lot more power over how we feel about the circumstances than we sometimes realize.

How has visualizing worked for you? Is this a technique that could help you?

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