Yesterday I wrote about the drive for our move. You can check it out here.

After we arrived in Indianapolis on Monday 1/9/17, we spent the first week unpacking the truck and putting things away in the house.

The house we?re living in is a house we purchased back in May last year 2106. We had the house rehabbed and then put it on the market for sale. Unfortunately, the house didn?t sell, although we dropped the price a few times. We decided to turn this house into a rental instead of trying to drop the price again. At the same time, since we knew we were moving to Indy, we decided to move into it for a few months or so.

The house is cute but much smaller than the house we just sold and lived in for eight years in Sacramento. So, in addition to the physical effort of moving boxes and furniture, we spent mental energy deciding where to put things and what we would keep in this house and what we would put into storage.

I was amazed at the amount of energy making all of these little decisions took. I?ve heard that we only have a finite capacity each day of mental energy to expend. Once we?ve used up our decision making capacity for the day, our brain goes into default mode to choose what is the same and what is safe.

This concept shows up in our everyday lives all the time. If we?ve had an intense day of working where we ended up spending a lot of energy on decision making, by the time we get home, we feel mentally fatigued. It?s at this point when we can?t rely on willpower to help us make positive choices for the evening if we haven?t already decided ahead of time, created a plan and began positive habits.

Can you relate to the feeling of mental fatigue from constant decision making? Did you know our decision energy is limited each day? What do you think of this? Does this info change how you would consider structuring your days?

Let me know if you?d be interested in being coached on this in a free mini-coaching session. Just schedule here.