How are you spending your time today? Does this reflect your life priorities?

One of the fun exercises I do with my clients involves deciding on priorities and getting their schedule aligned with their life priorities.

If you were to write down your top five priorities in order in your life right now, what would you list?

  • Expressing love towards your wife or husband?
  • Your search for a significant other?
  • Fitness, strength, endurance?
  • Eating healthy, whole foods?
  • Quality time with kids, raising them a certain way?
  • Traveling the world?
  • Time with parents, grandparents, siblings?
  • Building a business?
  • Full night?s sleep, full energy?
  • Personal development, learning, classes, workshops, getting coached?
  • Creative expression, art, writing, music?
  • Advancing in your career, being a leader, showing up at work with enthusiasm?

These are just some examples.

After picking your top five priorities, now look at your calendar for today, tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Do the events in your calendar and the way you spend your time reflect your priorities?

If so, awesome!! You are living life deliberately and towards your vision and goals.

If not, where is one place you?d like to make a change?

By starting with one change, you are choosing to shift your time in a manageable way.

I love coaching on topics like this because there is so much empowerment to deliberately choosing how to live our lives.

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