One topic that comes up in Life Coaching is the Watcher / Observer concept.

This concept is about how we can watch and observe our own thoughts in a conscious position that is kinda like stepping outside of ourselves.

As the Watcher / Observer, we can look at our thoughts as separate from who we are. Our thoughts are just there as a separate entity. As the Watcher, we can observe the the thoughts we are thinking without judgement and then decide if we want to believe these thoughts or not.

A few powerful questions that we can ask ourselves are:

  • 1. Is this thought serving me?

    If the answer is yes, then it is a thought worth keeping. If the answer is no, then it is worth considering further whether or not you want to continue believing this thought.

  • 2. Why am I choosing to think this thought?

    Many times the answer is that we have been thinking the same thought for so long, that it hadn?t occurred to us that it is a choice to think it.

The more that we become aware of our thoughts, the more we have the power to change them.

When it comes to your sleeping habits, do you have a hard time going to bed at the time that you really want to? To change this behavior, you would want to start by actually looking at your thoughts going on inside your head because these thoughts are the reason you are not going to bed at the time you want to.

You can use the Watcher / Observer concept to ask yourself the powerful questions with non-judgment.

So, it can start like this: ?Why am I staying up, rather than going to bed like I actually want to? I?m so tired! What are my thoughts around this?

Another great way to become aware of your thoughts is a process called the thought download. This is a form of journalling where you write down everything you are thinking, in order to acknowledge the thoughts and get them out of your head. This process helps to form the Watcher perspective, to see the thoughts as separate from your self.

Maybe your answer to the staying up question is: ?I don?t want to go to bed,? or ?I just wish I had more time for myself,? or ?Once I go to bed, that means I?m closer to the morning, and I dread the morning.

Once you recognize these thoughts, you can ask yourself the powerful questions, “Are these thoughts serving me?? and ?Why am I choosing to think these thoughts??

Likely, your answer to the first question is no. For the second question, your answer could be, ?I hadn?t really seen it as a choice. I wasn?t aware of an alternative.

The good news is that there is an alternative, and we always get to decide what we choose to think and believe.

More on choosing new thoughts to think in future blog posts, but imagine just shifting the thought from, ?I don?t want to go to bed,? to ?I love going to bed.? The new thought provides much more feeling of relief and leads to going to bed, whereas the old thought prevents it.

Thoughts will still appear, but the more awareness we have, the more control we have. It is a continual process too, not just a one time occurrence.

I can help you with awareness of your thoughts and help you with implementing powerful questions and thought downloads.


I?m a Life Coach, specializing in helping professionals feel rejuvenated and back in control of their lives through better sleep routines. ~ Rebekah Anderson


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