I?m watching the World Series tonight (Go Dodgers!), and I?m reminded of both a podcast episode and a book I read – big surprise? lol

The podcast episode was an interview with a pro ping-pong player. He talked about when playing in a ping-pong game, you have to concentrate on the current and next play at hand only. The second you start to think about ?Will I win?? the game is over for you. This is because in that second, when you?ve left the concentration of the current play, you create hesitation in your play that causes errors.

From the book, Essentialism, I read a really cool story about a rugby team that was dominating their season. They talked about their winning strategy: the WIN acronym = ?What?s important now?

To this team, the WIN acronym means that you must focus only on the present moment while playing the game in order win. The second you start to think about the past (past plays), the future (future plays), or the other people playing the game not pertinent to your position, you compromise your focus, ability and win.

You must be completely zoned in on the present moment when performing in these high-stakes games in order to be a winner.

How does this apply to us in every day life?

Spend time planning out your work time and your schedule. Then, when it?s time to execute, treat it like the game – time to concentrate on what?s at hand.

Eliminate distractions. Don?t let your mind wonder – it is imperative for the win = getting accomplished what you?ve set out to do.