On January 5, 2017, my husband and I left Sacramento, CA, where we grew up and where our family lives, to Indianapolis, IN, where I?d never been and didn?t know anyone. We drove in our pick-up truck with our two dogs, and Grant?s parents drove along side us in the big moving truck towing our car.

We intended to leave early that morning, but it ended up taking until 2 PM to get everything finally packed in and on the road. This set us back half a day. So, instead of arriving on Sunday night like we had originally planned, we arrived Monday early afternoon. This was no problem, and probably even better, because then we had some time to get the house warmed up and some truck unpacking when we got here.

The drive was so pleasant, especially after the previous few months of hectic activity. I took that time to really be present and relaxed, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the time with Grant and our dogs. We were so lucky and blessed to have Grant?s parents join us for the trip and help with driving. It was nice having that support.

We took the southern route, Highway 40/Route 66. I tried to imagine what it was like in the old days. We spent our focus on driving and getting there, so we didn?t really stop for sight-seeing. We had awesome whether, just cold, to help me start getting used to colder winters.

When we arrived in Indy and pulled up to the place we would be living, it felt like home.

We went out to dinner that night at a cool restaurant called The Eagle, known for fried chicken, yummy!! It was a perfect celebration for our arrival.

I?m so thankful I decided ahead of time to choose a positive attitude about the trip. I chose to think about how relaxing it was. I could have easily chosen a different, more negative emotion, like angst or boredom. I could have chosen to think, ?This is going to suck. Miles and miles of endless dessert, no cell service, freezing cold out, etc.? Instead, I chose, ?This is such a great time to sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of the country.? I like this thought much better!

If you find yourself thinking thoughts that make you feel down or bored or agitated, I encourage you to realize how you?re looking at this situation and realize these thoughts and feelings are optional. Then, you can choose thoughts that feel better, that look at your situation in a different perspective.

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