?I took away from the coaching experience that talking to a person who knows nothing about you is such a joy to talk about deep thoughts we normally don’t share because the response/advice will be unbiased. It feels good to know that I wasn’t being judged.

After the first call, I became comfortable and expected honesty and free range to talk. The coaching was very different than me going to my regular therapist. I really enjoyed being asked more questions so that I could dig deep for my own answers and understand my own fears and challenges and where they stemmed from.

I would recommend Coaching With Rebekah to my friends because she was easy to conversation with, had a soft toned voice, was reassuring, really listened. (I figured out she took great notes because in one conversation she brought up a specific instance I had shared and was impressed). Rebekah was focused on moving me forward to a better place.?


?I have had several coaching sessions with Rebekah regarding personal relationships, career opportunities/career changes, and weight loss. At first I was a little hesitant on talking about these issues, as I usually just keep all of my feelings/thinking stored up inside. Rebekah was very understanding with my circumstances, and gave me excellent tools to use in the future. I started changing my thinking to create the life that I wanted, instead of focusing on what was wrong. I have gained so much insight on my thinking process through Rebekah?s help, and I highly recommend her to anyone to wants to better themselves.?


?Through Coaching With Rebekah, I learned how to visualize what I want and how I am going to get there. I really did not know what to expect because it was my first time meeting with a life coach. I realized that having a life coach is beneficial. I would definitely recommend Coaching With Rebekah. I think anyone that wants to succeed in life should have a coach help them navigate through different issues that arise thought out life. It will help them get an unbiased and honest direction to move forward.?


?Coach Rebekah made me feel so comfortable. Throughout my sessions with her, I never felt like she was judging me or not paying attention to me. She made me feel like I was important and that my ideas were important. She gave me some really great insight into how to increase my productivity and maintain my focus on various topics. She also helped me with my attitude towards life and gave me some great mental exercises to practice.
I was referred to Coach Rebekah from a friend, and I have to admit I was a little nervous at first. I feel like I was expecting her to give me exercises to do, and I was definitely expecting a lot of tips. She was right on with my expectations.?I really appreciated the fact that she incorporated what I was going through with things that she went through in the past. She made me feel like I wasn’t alone with my struggles of productivity and entrepreneurship.
I would definitely recommend Coach Rebekah’s services. She was very insightful, and she has the perfect personality for what she does

–Mimi P

?The most helpful part of the session was Rebekah helping me clarify kind of a purpose statement for my life and explaining that our decisions should lead to fulfilling the purpose statement. This aided me greatly in coming to my final decision on a “problem” I was discussing with her.
I didn’t really have an expectation since I had zero experience with a life coach in the past.?I was, however, surprised by the succinctness and focus of the conversation with Rebekah, like the lists she had me make, creating a purpose statement, etc.?This was all great stuff that brought so much clarity to my situation:?How do we get from point A to point B without getting distracted or sidetracked.
I definitely would recommend Coaching With Rebekah, and I have.?I know other people, myself included, can get bogged down by “analysis paralysis” and sometimes emotions get in the way of thinking clearly or can make small decisions seems very overwhelming.?It’s great to get help on emotional stuff. The life coaching gives?a new perspective on “problems” and a way to solve them or improve by utilizing a focused plan


?I learned a lot about myself and what I want from life.?I?m not a self-reflective person, I tend to think about others more than myself, so I end up leaving my own feelings out of the equation.?I?m at a point in my life where I?m ready to have a career, rather than a job, and Rebekah helped me prioritize myself and understand what I wanted so that I could go for it.?I also learned about the value of my own assets and skills which I had been taking for granted.
I would absolutely recommend Coaching With Rebekah to a friend who is looking for life coaching or general help.?We think it?s so easy to know what you want, but ?more money? doesn?t really answer the whole question.?The help I got from Rebekah is something everyone should have- the ability to see themselves more honestly, which, for women, usually means seeing ourselves in a better light than we normally do


?By working with Rebekah, I was able to get clear on my vision of building my website and creating a gift page with an opt in form. I wrote my goals down and took action on my dream. If I can reach my goals and take action you can too.
Investing in a coach gave me insight on my business that I had never even thought of.?She saw things in me and my business that were beyond anything I had thought of but were laying in front of me the entire time. With the conclusion of coaching with Rebekah, I was super clear on what I wanted to do.
If you have goals you are trying to meet, that seem to keep getting pushed further and further back on your calendar and you are not working with a coach, you absolutely need to. Having someone that can support you that has traveled the path you are on will definitely help you get the results you desire


?My coaching experience allowed me to look at an important issue in a different way that not only empowered me, but allowed me to move past it. I didn’t expect much off the bat, to be honest and was really surprised at how much the session really made a difference for me. I went from being wounded and not thinking that could change to a freeing feeling where I no longer felt like a victim in an attack. I would recommend this service to anyone who has an issue they are having a difficult time resolving. It really helped me so much!?


?I loved that Rebekah made me feel relaxed while guiding me to think through what I needed to do to move forward and encouraging me to step into my power.

Rebekah exceeded my expectations by offering several great suggestions and took me through a simple process that raised my vibration and gave me the confidence to take inspired action!

I highly recommend Rebekah, she made it a comfortable and easy experience and offered practical suggestions, which worked for me!?


?Coaching with Rebekah has been a life changing experience for me. When I first signed up, I was simply looking for advise on how to deal with drama in my romantic relationship. Rebekah addressed those concerns in detail, then helped me to realize my responsibility for my own happiness. I feel so liberated. I am amazed that I have the opportunity in each situation to change my mindset to one of positivity, gratitude, and content. Further, she helped me to lay out my life goals and dreams as well as helpful mantras and written exercises to manifest those dreams into reality. Coaching with Rebekah gave me the empowering tools to take responsibility for my own life. I highly recommend life coaching with Rebekah because she helps you to see the bigger picture from small moments in your thinking. I can hear the empathy in her voice. She has a deep passion for helping individuals to live life to the fullest! She has an expensive source of knowledge and experience with so many different areas in life as well, especially relationships and daily routines.?


?I thought the coaching sessions were amazing, especially when Rebekah suggested something then I tried it and it worked and made me feel great!

My expectations were that I wasn’t really going to get anything from the sessions, but I did. I was so impressed that I had four other friends and family also do the sessions and they loved them too.

I would recommend Coaching With Rebekah services to anyone. The sessions really helped me think differently in a positive way. They helped me deal with certain situations in a different manner. With Rebekah’s coaching session I also got a lot closer to my wife, and it has helped our relationship tremendously.?


?This experience allowed me to make the decisions I needed to make regarding my career. It allowed me the freedom to think about what I really wanted to make choices on and move forward with them. It also allowed me to see my strengths such as when I want to make a decision I am able to execute with promptness.?


?There were many enlightening moments during my coaching sessions with Rebekah. I’ve found that understanding how my body and mind function helps me to overcome whatever it is that I may be struggling with. One of my biggest take aways was learning that we only have so much will power for each day and it diminishes as the day goes on so it’s best to complete the important tasks early, if possible, and also to plan ahead so that your brain has less choices to make, reserving some of that will power for more important decisions than just what to eat for dinner. The way Rebekah was able to explain this concept to me really opened my eyes and made me realize that this is something that applies to everyone. I’m not alone in my struggles. Another big take away is using visualization. I really didn’t think I would be in to it because it seems cheesy but every time I’ve tried it, to my happy surprise, it actually works! I’ve been able to achieve things that I have been struggling with, sometimes for years, in just a few short months. It sets the tone and my attitude for my day as well as my perspective on what I’m able to achieve and which actions it takes to get me there.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the coaching sessions except that there would be someone sitting across from me/on the line with me who wanted to help me reach my goals. Rebekah was all that and more. Our sessions together ended up being brainstorming sessions. I felt empowered and excited about the ideas Rebekah was able to suggest for me to implement and then we were able to hone them together so that they would be something I would actually stick to. I was able to really make it mine and Rebekah helped me think outside the box for creative solutions that I would never have come up with on my own.

I definitely recommend Rebekah’s coaching services to ANYONE. I have already had friends and family members sign up for sessions with her based on my experiences and recommendation and have heard amazing things from them. All of us have come away from the coaching sessions with Rebekah feeling inspired! With Rebekah, you know that you’re working with someone who truly has your best interest at heart and who wants to help you live your life to the fullest. Anyone who is looking for that extra nudge, that different perspective to help them see what they couldn’t see on their own or anyone looking to grow and is not yet sure how to do that, Rebekah is your person!?


?Coaching with Rebekah gave me skills and techniques to deal with very challenging situations in my life. I thought I knew what I should do but after coaching with her I realized I needed to think about my situations in an entirely different way. It was amazing the simple transformations that occurred after only a couple of sessions.

I didn’t have many expectations when I started coaching with Rebekah. I knew coaching was a great way to get clarity and insight but that was about it. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to understand about myself and my situations in each of our sessions and how I could take the practical steps and implement them right away and see results. It exceeded my expectations for sure!

I would definitely recommend Rebekah’s coaching services to anyone who is “stuck” – in life, business, career, relationships, etc…You’ll gain more clarity, understanding, and she’s so patient and understanding yet gets to the heart of the matter and will transform how you think and feel about your life.?




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