A few weeks ago, I was off-routine, and consequently my mood and productivity suffered.

It started off on Sunday. I woke up to a surprise invitation from some new friends to a free ticket to go with them that night to the Pitbull concert. I was so excited, as I had been interested in going to this but hadn?t bought a ticket. I had also recently been looking for abundance and receiving in my life, and this seemed like a perfect example. (More on abundance and receiving in future posts!)

The concert was such a fun time, but of course I was staying up way past my bed time. I decided to sleep in the next day, in order to get a full sleep and attempt to get back on schedule. I went to a later class at the gym and the rest of Monday and Tuesday got back on routine.

Then, Wednesday morning, I had RSVP?d to attend an early morning networking meeting, and I had decided to skip the gym in order to attend that event. That night happened to be another meeting I had committed to attending with my husband several months prior, and the meeting ended up keeping me up until about 10:30-11 PM that night.

Feeling exhausted from the full day, I decided to skip the gym again in the morning and chose to sleep in instead. The rest of the day and the next few days, I was able to get through the things I had scheduled, but I found myself feeling ?off.?

The lack of adherence to the routine was draining, and my focus suffered for it. I learned a great lesson about really reviewing my calendar and scheduled events and looking at those in light of my bedtime and waking routines.

In the future, I will be more cautious about scheduling early morning and later evening events back to back.

Do you often feel ?off-routine” and have too many events scheduled early and late? Do you even have a structured bedtime and morning routine? Have you considered the benefits of focus and productivity that having the routines could bring to your life?

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As I shared in my last post, the first part of my morning routine Monday thru Thursday includes gym workout, shower, family walk with husband and dogs, then breakfast.

It feels good to me to have established this routine that I created deliberately. The pieces set me up for a great day and great week.

During breakfast, this is my first time opening my iPad and iPhone and I use this time to read articles and blogs sent to my personal email. I go through seasons where certain topics stand out to me. Currently, I?m interested in reading material about content creation, blogging, online presence, etc. Coaching topics are also continually interesting to me.



So, I love my morning routine. It is constantly evolving. This is one of the main reasons I love going to bed early. Going to bed early ensures a full night of sleep and a lovely long morning.

Getting up at 4:20 AM allows just enough time to get dressed, drink my espresso mixed with protein powder, brush my teeth, let my dogs out and get to the gym before the class starts at 5 AM.

The invigorating group workout is a combination of strength and HIIT movements. The workouts are predetermined and always different. Therefore, I don?t have to think about it or decide what I?m going to to that day. The decision has been made for me. I am able to immerse myself in the workout and the loud music and just be there. My mind is focused on the movement, and I don?t think about anything except what I?m doing in that moment. I feel very present.