Do you find yourself not getting to sleep due to anxiety, worry, and swirling thoughts that just won?t stop?

Many of my clients and people that I?ve talked to tell me that their sleep suffers on a consistent basis from this mind madness.

When you think about the subject of your thoughts during this anxious cycle, what comes up?

Are there problems at work and you feel helpless and overwhelmed? Are there issues between you and your spouse? Do you worry about your parents? health and how they will be taken care of?

Have you ever considered that this anxiety and worry is unnecessary, and that there is a way to learn to manage your mind and not have the mind madness anymore?

Imagine laying down to go to sleep, and your mind is quiet. Or, the thoughts that remain are peaceful and enjoyable visions that lull you to sleep quickly.

There are many methods used to work on managing our minds. And yes it is work. It?s a process and requires practice. But, which is better, to keep suffering every night with the mental torment and also every day from sleep deprivation? Or, would it be better to learn the tools to manage your mind, practice them and start sleeping more soundly and living with more energy and rejuvenation?

Here are some of the tools used for managing our minds:

– Thought download (a type of journaling), described in my blog post THE WATCHER / OBSERVER
– Meditation, described in my blog post MEDITATION
– Personal Life Coaching (check out my FB Video: What is a Life Coach?)
– Asking ?So what?”

I used to feel anxiety around feeling like I had way too much work and not enough time to do it. These worrisome thoughts would torment me at night and make it hard to sleep. So I know how you feel.

I don?t have the anxiety anymore. I received coaching, and I learned the tools to manage my mind and I use them. This life is much better. There is still a lot of work to do with seemingly little time, but I choose to say ?So what?? This brings me tremendous peace.

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I?ve only been discovering the many benefits of sleep within the last few years. I used to think the only downside of not sleeping enough was feeling tired. I?ve found it so interesting to learn that sleep is super essential to our health, mind and productivity in so many ways.

Some very good info can be found in the book, Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson. Shawn says in his book, “The research is in, and it?s 100 percent conclusive: When you don?t sleep well, you get slower, less creative, and more stressed, and you underperform,? and “High-quality sleep fortifies your immune system, balances your hormones, boosts your metabolism, increases your physical energy, and improves the function of your brain.”