A few weeks ago, I was off-routine, and consequently my mood and productivity suffered.

It started off on Sunday. I woke up to a surprise invitation from some new friends to a free ticket to go with them that night to the Pitbull concert. I was so excited, as I had been interested in going to this but hadn?t bought a ticket. I had also recently been looking for abundance and receiving in my life, and this seemed like a perfect example. (More on abundance and receiving in future posts!)

The concert was such a fun time, but of course I was staying up way past my bed time. I decided to sleep in the next day, in order to get a full sleep and attempt to get back on schedule. I went to a later class at the gym and the rest of Monday and Tuesday got back on routine.

Then, Wednesday morning, I had RSVP?d to attend an early morning networking meeting, and I had decided to skip the gym in order to attend that event. That night happened to be another meeting I had committed to attending with my husband several months prior, and the meeting ended up keeping me up until about 10:30-11 PM that night.

Feeling exhausted from the full day, I decided to skip the gym again in the morning and chose to sleep in instead. The rest of the day and the next few days, I was able to get through the things I had scheduled, but I found myself feeling ?off.?

The lack of adherence to the routine was draining, and my focus suffered for it. I learned a great lesson about really reviewing my calendar and scheduled events and looking at those in light of my bedtime and waking routines.

In the future, I will be more cautious about scheduling early morning and later evening events back to back.

Do you often feel ?off-routine” and have too many events scheduled early and late? Do you even have a structured bedtime and morning routine? Have you considered the benefits of focus and productivity that having the routines could bring to your life?

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I used to think I was more of a night owl and not a morning person. I didn?t have a regular bedtime, and my mind would fight with my body about going to sleep. My body would feel tired, but I would ignore it because I wanted to stay up. I didn’t have any good reasons to stay up, there was more of just a sense of not wanting to go to sleep because that meant I was closer to the next day, which gave me a sense of dread.

It would be hard to wake up in the morning. I would hit snooze multiple times. I didn?t value the idea of a bedtime routine or morning routine. The morning was usually a rush to get out the door because I hadn?t woken up with enough time to really get ready.