I was listening again today to The Model Health Show Podcast (episode 204)). The show’s host, Shawn Stevenson, was talking about how stress-caused illnesses are a leading cause of illness in today’s society.

Wow can you believe it?

A bottled up emotion is causing physical illness.

I’ve been talking about emotions/feelings a lot lately. As we’ve discussed, feelings are vibrations in our bodies caused by our own thoughts.

Our thoughts can sometimes feel like a toddler running around with a knife. It feels like we don?t have any control over them. But we actually do have control. We just need to learn how to manage our minds.

Once the toddler grabs the knife, we can learn to stop the toddler and take the knife away. And even to stop the toddler from trying to grab the knife at all eventually.

What thoughts are you having that are causing you to feel stress?

Most of us are raised to believe it?s our life circumstances that cause the stress. But it’s actually how we think about those circumstances that cause the feeling.

So how do we feel differently? Think differently.

You might be saying this is easier said than done. And I hear you on that. Learning to manage our minds is a process. It doesn?t happen overnight.

But once we learn it, it changes everything.

Would you rather be stuck living with stress and likely illness to follow, or would you rather take the steps to start learning to manage your mind and feel better mentally and physically?

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