I?ve been learning through research and coaching my clients that there are so many different ways in which people?s sleep is impacted. There are also so many different ways this problem shows up in people?s lives.

One client can?t sleep because her thoughts are centered on her worries and fears.

Another client can?t sleep due to anxious thoughts about the previous day and the next day and the concern that it?s not ok.

For others, they believe there is more of a physical issue with sleep, due to bodily discomfort or other health concerns.

Although there are many different sleep troubles, there are also many different solutions! Yay!

If sleep is an issue for you that you?re interested in solving, I recommend starting with your own assessment. Determine whether you believe the sleep troubles are stemming from mental anguish or physical health concerns, or even a bit of both.

Then, for the mental troubles, I recommend coaching, meditation, journaling/thought download, breathing exercises, asking questions, among others.

I offer a description of how a few of these solutions work in my Sleep Better Guide. You can get your copy by clicking here.

For physical issues, you can find a ton of great information for solutions in the book, Sleep Smarter, by Shawn Stevenson.

Also, checking in with your local sleep clinic can go a long way towards solving the sleep deprivation issue.

I?m going to be putting out a survey soon, to gather more information about the types of sleep issues people in my network are experiencing. If this applies to you, I hope you?ll partake!

In the mean time, I?m curious, how is your sleep on a nightly basis? Have you noticed lack of sleep impacting your focus, productivity or health? What steps have you taken to remedy this problem?

I have a lot of resources and experience helping clients with their sleep troubles. If you?re interested in a free mini-coaching session on this topic, click here to schedule!