Earlier this year I created “SLEEP CHEATSHEET: 5 Steps to Get to Bed Earlier, Get the Right Amount of Sleep You Need, and Live a Fulfilled and Rejuvenated Life.?

I thought it would be fun to explore these concepts again in the mini-blog. Today I?ll share the first two steps. And the next two days, I?ll share the rest.

Would it surprise you to know that getting to bed earlier and get a full night?s sleep on a consistent basis actually starts with your morning routine?


Start with observing your morning routine. Look at when you currently get up, how much time it takes you to get ready, and how you feel.

Now, think about your ideal morning routine. Ask yourself these questions:

* What time would you get up ideally, that would allow you to have the time you would like to get ready, that you would feel great about?
* What are your current rituals?
* Are these ideal?
* Would you want to add more time for light exercise, journaling and meditation, breakfast, more time for makeup and hair?

Then, once you answer these questions, we look at how much sleep you actually need in Step 2.


How much sleep per night does your body require for optimal rejuvenation, performance, and health? Scientists recommend 7-9 hours and the amount varies per person.

This step is important to determine how much sleep is optimal for you. You?ll need to test it out.

Try 7 hours of sleep per night for one week. Then, 8 hours for the second week. Then, try 9 hours of sleep for the third week.

Notice how you feel each day, and make a literal note of it.

How do you feel about the amount of sleep you?re regularly getting? Is it enough? Are you experiencing ideal morning routines? If not, what would make it ideal?

Steps 3-5 coming in the next few days.

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