Today?s mini-blog is about Step 5 from my “SLEEP CHEATSHEET: 5 Steps to Get to Bed Earlier, Get the Right Amount of Sleep You Need, and Live a Fulfilled and Rejuvenated Life.?

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In Step 1, you created your ideal morning routine. In Step 2, you determined how much sleep is right for you, as we are all different. Step 3 decided your bedtime. And, in Step 4 you choose what time to start your bedtime routine.

Step 5 is about overcoming obstacles.

OBSTACLES. Finding out your ideal rituals and schedule is a huge part of setting up your life to live it the way you desire to live it.

And, deciding to commit to living the routines is another huge step.

However, our brains are programmed to choose efficiency and resist change, even if it is a change we desire.

In order to do new things and create new habits, our minds will often resist the newness because it likes to stay the same. By being aware of our mind?s resistance and creating mental plans to overcome the mind?s obstacles, then we can truly create these changes to bring us the rejuvenation and sleep we desire.

So, for this step, think of the ways in which your brain may try to stop you from making the changes. What is coming up now that is creating resistance to achieving this new life?

For every obstacle that you think of, think of the solution to overcome it in advance.

For example, if you are thinking that it will be hard to turn off the TV in the middle of a show when it is time to start bedtime routine, think of a plan to overcome this. The plan could include setting an alarm for 30 min, 20 min, and 10 min from the time you?ll need to turn it off. Then, make a plan to get up and do a stretch at each alarm.

Planning for the mental obstacles in advance will make all the difference in getting to bed earlier, getting the right amount of sleep you need, and living a fulfilled and rejuvenated life.

What obstacles might come up for you to implement a new routine? What are some strategies to overcome these obstacles?

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