Today, I?m sharing steps 3 and 4 from my “SLEEP CHEATSHEET: 5 Steps to Get to Bed Earlier, Get the Right Amount of Sleep You Need, and Live a Fulfilled and Rejuvenated Life.?

You can read about Steps 1 and 2 in yesterday?s mini-blog here.

In Step 1, you created your ideal morning routine. In Step 2, you determined how much sleep is right for you, as we are all different.

BEDTIME. Once you?ve determined the optimal amount of sleep for you and the time you ideally would like to wake up, then you are able to determine your ideal bedtime. Simply subtract the wake-up time by hours of sleep and you?ve arrived at your ideal bedtime.

BEDTIME ROUTINE. Now, if your bedtime has been set at 9:50 PM, that doesn?t mean you start getting ready for bed at 9:50 PM.

This step is to determine what your ideal wind-down scenario looks like, and how much time this would take. Ask yourself these questions:

* What are your normal bedtime routines?
* Wash face, brush teeth, get outfit or meals ready for the next day, take out the pets, kids to bed?
* What would your ideal bedtime routine look like?
* Would you spend some time in bed reading, cuddling, journaling, or meditating?

Think about the ideal amount of time you would like to spend during your bedtime routine, and think about how it would feel to effortlessly achieve this system.

Setting an alarm for time to start bedtime routine will help get this habit started.

How does your current bedtime routine differ from your ideal bedtime routine? Do you notice a large discrepancy or a small one? How would your life be different if you were to make changes towards living your ideal bedtime routine daily?

I can coach you on this if you?re interested in some help. I offer a free mini-coaching session to anyone who?d like it. Click here to schedule!