Today we have been in our new city for 1 month. It feels like time is flying by.

It?s been interesting to think about how many things and places I had as routines, which now need to be started new. Grocery stores, hair & nail salon, house cleaners, gym.

It feels good to be getting some of these things set up.

Anyway, I actually wanted to talk about sleep today. Sleep is such a powerful restorative natural force in our lives. How many of us are using this wonderful tool to its fullest?

Last night, around 8:30, time to get ready for bed, I noticed myself feeling tired. I thought to myself how cool it is that the body gives us these cues of tiredness to say, ?hey let?s get some sleep!”

I responded to myself, ?Great idea! Let?s go!”

In the past, I would always respond to sleep dues with yes. Instead, I would try to argue with myself, saying, ?No, I?m not ready yet. I want to stay up longer. I want more time to myself. I don?t want to face another day tomorrow.”

If you are resisting sleep, like I used to, what is the reason? Have you forgotten how lovely it feels to be fully rested? Do you dread something about the next day?

If you?re interested in getting more sleep and getting to bed on time, but you?re having a hard time doing it, it?s important to look deep into the reason why you?re resisting. Then, addressing that issue will be your first step towards getting the awesome sleep you deserve.

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