Just a few days ago, my husband and I accepted an offer on our house! I?m very pleased that we received this offer when when we did. It feels like perfect timing.

I believe the Universe does that sometimes. Especially when we put ourselves out of our comfort zone and decide to take a risk that will help us grow.

So far, it was challenging to make the decision to sell our house and move across the country. (More about this in future posts). Then, it was challenging to get the house ready to list for sale. New flooring downstairs, new carpet upstairs, starting to pack up and declutter.

It was challenging to have the house for sale, to keep it clean each day for potential visitors, to park outside since the garage was filled with much of our stuff in boxes. It was challenging to wonder when we?ll receive an offer, to worry about the timing around the holidays, to experience doubts, to also have my dog get very sick at the same time (so thrilled he?s getting better!).

Now it is challenging to think about all that is left to pack up and plan for the move, work that still needs to be done, along with the Christmas Holiday approaching.

And yet, viewing the situations as challenging is one perspective. When my thoughts told me this was challenging, I would say ?So what? I can do hard things!?

I?ve come to realize it?s ok to experience hard things. It?s ok to acknowledge a situation as challenging. Then, for me to step up in the face of challenge and declare “I can do it!? feels super empowering and actually leads me into accomplishing what needs to be accomplished.

Are there situations in your life that you feel are hard or challenging? When you think about these situations, how do you feel? Are you choosing thoughts that feel empowered or disempowered? How would you like to change those thoughts to shift your perspective?

As a life coach, I help people like you to change the perspective from one that feels disempowered to a perspective that is empowering. If you?d like help with this, I offer a free mini-coaching session over the phone. Just click here to schedule.