A cool coaching tool I love teaching my clients is called Segment Intending.

I learned this tool from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) certification program I completed last year. The tool is actually a process taught by Abraham-Hicks in their book, Ask and It Is Given.

Segment Intending is about choosing intentional thoughts and feelings for specific activities or segments of your day.

It is a great process for when we?re feeling overwhelmed, busy and/or uncertain about parts of your day.

This process helps us focus on purposefully feeling good in order to create what we want in our lives.

The way it works is that we think about all the different types of activities we have ahead of us today.

Pick one of the activities, and this will be the segment. You could choose driving to work or the afternoon meeting or cooking dinner or a networking event.

Now before the time comes for this activity, you?ll want to set aside a few minutes to decide how you want this segment of time to go and how you want to feel during the activity.

What is your best intention for this segment of time?

For the networking event, you could do the process on the way there.

Start by visualizing your best self arriving and greeting people. Imagine feeling awesome, confident, and genuinely enjoying yourself.

Imagine thinking about how nice it is to meet people and to build relationships.

Then, you?ll continue to replay these thoughts and feelings and the visualization throughout the event. You?ll have created what you intended by thinking about it and feeling it on purpose in advance.

How fun is this?!

I?m using this process today for a networking event I?m attending tonight.

How would you benefit from deciding in advance how you will think, feel and act during a specific event or activity in your life?

I?d love to walk you through a segment intending coaching session. If you?re interested in trying it out, schedule a free mini-coaching session with me here.