My mini-blog writing journey this month has been so fun and also challenging at times. Five more to write for this month after today’s.

Very fun thinking about different topics and then sharing my ideas with my followers.

Challenging at times to fit the time in the schedule, decide what to write about, technical difficulties, and more.

And yet, I?m feeling excitement about more to come next year.

My next few weeks are full of newness.

Ten days until we hit the road for four days. This is 10 days to say bye to people, celebrate New Year?s Eve, and pack up!

Then, we?ll arrive in Indianapolis on Sunday evening, 1/8/17.

After we get there, I?m planning to give myself a week to get partially settled and relax.

Then, starting the second week of January, 1/16/17, I?ll be getting back to business and working on accomplishing my goals.

If you?ve been thinking about scheduling a free mini-coaching session with me, now is still a great time to click the link to schedule it.

The calendar starts on 1/16/17, as I?m taking a few weeks off. I?ll be looking forward to coaching you then!