Yesterday was pouring rain all day. Hard rain that it seems like we haven?t seen in a while. Really great for our water supply. Difficult to drive around in, which happened to be a day I had a bunch of appointments out and about.

Although the freeways were crowded, visibility was low, and I had a packed day (opportunity of stressing out), instead I ended up having a lovely time driving around.

I decided to turn up the Christmas music and sing along! Christmas music is one of my favorite aspects of this season.

Today, it’s now stunningly sunny and gorgeous with white puffy clouds. It is bright and shiny and fresh out.

Taking my dogs on a walk this afternoon had me reflecting on the ?little things? like weather, which I actually find a lot of entertainment from observing.

Whether it?s rain or shine, noticing the awesomeness of nature?s beauty gives me a feeling of awe, contentment, and appreciation.

What is your perspective on issues like weather? Do you choose to let it bring you down or life you up?

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