The main point of today’s mini-blog post is an encouragement to challenge yourself by doing something like joining a Toastmasters public speaking group.

Today I?m preparing for my Toastmasters meeting tomorrow. The group meets every Monday at noon. I joined the group approximately 7 months ago, and I really look forward to each Monday?s meeting.

Toastmasters is a group that helps people become better public speakers. The meetings are run with a similar structure each week, but a different topic is chosen and each person in the group fills a different role each week. This keeps it interesting.

This week, I?m taking on the role of Table Topics Leader. For this role, I prepare questions surrounding the topic to have members come up and speak to for 1-2 minutes impromptu. I also prepare interesting tidbits of information or personal stories to lead into each question.

The topic this week is Ironmen, inspired partly by my husbands achievement of completing two 140.6 Ironman triathlons. My husband is also a member of this Toastmasters group. So, I have a lot of good ideas for questions to ask the members.

Toastmasters groups are located in most cities around the world. If you?ve ever thought about improving your public speaking skills, I highly recommend joining a toastmasters group.

My toastmasters experience so far has been just the right amount of challenge, learning, growth and accomplishment.

Taking on a challenge like improving public speaking is a great way to improve ourselves.

Although it’s uncomfortable at first, pushing through the discomfort is how we evolve and grow. Then, we get better through practice.

Maybe joining a Toastmasters group in your area would be a great idea for 2017?

Is there an are of your life you?re interested in improving? What about public speaking – have you been involved in Toastmasters or similar type groups before? If so, how did that experience help you grow as a person? If not, is this something that could help you grow as a person?

If there is an area of your life you?re interested in improving, but haven?t taken the step to start, what is holding you back?

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