When you think about a problem in your life, how do you feel? The answer will vary depending on how you?re thinking about the problem – the perspective you have about it.

Sometimes, when I think about a problem, the feelings of overwhelm, frustration, or worry immediately rush in. Other times, my mind goes into problem solving mode, feeling confident and neutral about fixing the problem.

The reason for the different feelings is the thoughts I?m thinking about it – not the problem itself.

Maybe your problem has to do with thinking you have way too much to do, and not enough time to do it. I?ve had this one many times.

When you look at the problem with thoughts of helplessness, you will feel helpless. Thoughts can often come as questions, like: ?Why is this so hard??

When you ask that question, your mind will look for reasons are it?s so hard, and the overwhelming feelings will continue.

When you change the question in your mind to: ?How can I solve this?? your mind will instead look for solutions, putting you into problem solving mode.

The answer to the problem of having too much to do and not enough time to do it might be that you need to make the list of all that?s on your plate, schedule the items in your calendar, and decide to decline other items.

Sometimes, we don?t let ourselves really get to the heart of what our problem is, or what we?re thinking about it, because we don?t take to the time to really sit and quiet our mind and reflect on the situation at hand.

Taking time to reflect and quiet our mind to listen to what?s really going on inside goes a long way towards making us feel better and solving the problem. Some people call this meditation.

Is there a problem in your life that could be solved with some quiet reflection? What is your experience with quieting your mind and meditating?

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