After we had been here in Indianapolis for a little over a week, we had the fun experiencE of plumbing issues. All of a sudden, everything was backed up, and the plumber took two days to determine that the entire system needed replacing. After getting a few quotes, we got them started, and it was fixed about a week later.

We had dishes piling up and couldn?t wash them, and we had to go to the McDonalds down the street to use the bathroom.

While sometimes I did feel irritated, most of the time I was focused on deliberate positive thinking during this ordeal.

I choose to think patient thoughts and also grateful thoughts. The experience helped me choose gratitude in advance for the plumbing to be fixed and working.

I reminded myself that there are so many things we take for granted in our society today that people in other countries don?t have and people in the past didn?t have.

Are there circumstances in your life that feel irritating, but when you think about it in a different perspective, you can feel grateful instead for the modern conveniences we have access to today?

Feeling grateful feels so much better than feeling irritated. Which do you choose?

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