What are the main areas where you?d like to see improvement when it comes to time-management, priorities and productivity?

I?ve been coaching on time-management, priorities and productivity lately, and this has been my first question.

What is your answer? Are you are interested in seeing improvement in these subjects?

One of the first things we start with is looking at my clients? schedule to see what could use more improvement for planning for daily success with time-management.

If the day ahead doesn?t have a clear path of what you intend to accomplish and the timeframes for the tasks, then here is room for improvement.

By planning your days and your tasks ahead of time, and putting them in your calendar, this is a first step towards efficiency, productivity and success.

The next steps include actually doing the events and tasks that you?ve put on your calendar. I?ll talk more about this in posts coming up.

Are you interested in productivity and time-management coaching?

Stay tuned for a group coaching program with this topic starting soon.

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