This month I?ve decided to take up a writing challenge to post a mini-blog every day in December. And the theme I?ve chosen is ?Perspectives,? the way we view the world, our surroundings, our issues, our problems, our successes, relationships, health, money, everything.

Have you ever thought about how many different ways there are to look at one area of your life? This has actually been a strength of mine, even before life coach training. For situations that come up, I?m often looking for different angles to either solve the problem or feel better about it.

Right now in my life, I have so much I am deeply grateful for. And feeling this way is a deliberate choice. I am grateful that I am healthy. I feel this strongly in light of family, friends and acquaintances who are experiencing cancer and other intense conditions.

I?m grateful for my relationship with my husband, and I?m grateful for his strength and good-heartedness. I?m grateful that we?re making big life decisions together to take bold action in pursuit of our dreams.

I?m also dealing with life challenges. Finances are tight. My old dog is sick. The way that I think about these situations provides with me different feelings. I?m learning that it?s ok to choose to be sad, as long as I?m aware of the thoughts in my mind that I?m choosing to think.

The opposite of being aware is being unconscious, which is a default state for most of us. Choosing unconsciousness is numbing, and it looks like drinking, eating, tv, Facebook, to avoid feeling.

This can sometimes seem like a good idea at the time, but then it ends up numbing your whole life. What?s the point of living if you?re just numb?

What is going on in your life that could use a different perspective? Would gratitude be a way that you could look at your situation to provide a feeling of relief? Are there times you choose to numb when just allowing the feeling instead would be more beneficial?

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