I?ve recently heard from two different teachers/mentors that there are no wrong decisions.

How can this be?

William Sumner, The Inevitable You, says no one would choose a wrong decision. So, each of our decisions are right or right.

Brooke Castillo, The Life Coach School, says that the way you make a decision is to just choose one. She says it doesn?t matter which one you choose. As long as you commit to making it great, it will be great.

This concept comes down to the commitment to making it great.

It?s also about trust. Trust in ourselves. Trust in God/Universe. Trust that everything happens for a reason.

What do you think? Can you make a wrong decision?

Are you struggling with making a decision? How would things change if you knew you couldn?t make a wrong decision, and whichever one you choose and commit to making it great will be great?

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