Yesterday I wrote a short post about no wrong decisions.

I got some clarification from William Sumner, The Inevitable You, about his position on this.

When a person is moving towards a goal, towards positivity, towards a better life, decisions will be about serenity, pleasure, enjoyment.

A decision will only bring you days of less joy or more joy, but still joyful. Every path is full of life lessons that make you stronger and lead you closer to your goal.

However, people who are not moving towards a goal or positivity are only focused on moving away from pain and suffering.

Their choices will be about how to avoid pain or lessen it. Their decisions will bring days of either less pain or more pain.

Which person do you want to be? You can choose! It isn?t static or set.

Are you moving towards happiness or away from pain? The way you think about this makes all the difference!

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