I?m going to start no sugar and no flour in mid-January (once I get settled in my new City), and I?m going to do it through to the end of March with one exception (Valentine?s Day!).

My meals will be pretty much the same as I?m eating now. I?ll just need to make a few tweaks, like finding a no sugar salad dressing.

I?m also going to focus on making sure healthy fats are included regularly, in order to keep satiated.

There is so much new research out that links eating fat to losing weight. It?s really interesting!

It?s very different from the mindset I learned growing up: that fat is bad and low-fat or non-fat is good. Now the opposite is true, and I?m digging it.

Challenges for me will be chocolate, sweets and wine.

In addition to the food plan, I?m going to go through a life coaching program at the same time, which shows the links we have between eating and our emotions.

Do you have plans to change your eating plan in the new year?

If anyone would like to go through the life coaching weight loss program with me, let me know. I?m interested in making it a group effort.

If you join me, you?ll determine your own food and exercise plan, and I?ll help you stick with it and process your emotions and learn life coaching tools to lose weight. We?ll do it together!

If you?re interested, send me a comment or message. 🙂

I?m also still taking bookings for a free mini-coaching session mid-January and beyond, here.