All the other blog posts I?m reading are talking about reflecting on the past year and planning for the next.

I can?t help but join in the fun!

This past year has been one of my biggest growth years in a long a time. So many learning opportunities and challenges to stretch me and build my resilience and perseverance.

The biggest change of this past year was becoming a life coach! I received my life coach certification from two coaching schools, and each of these required an enormous amount of effort, work, and learning to complete. It feels amazing to have accomplished that beginning step.

Then, I had my website built and began my coaching business. Learning how to start and run an online business has been a super huge experience, and I now know that I?ve only scratched the surface. There is so much more to learn and experience in this business world ahead, more than I previously imagined.

The biggest change coming up next year is the move from Sacramento, CA to Indianapolis, IN, which is happening next week!

This transition to a new place will also bring out opportunities to improve every aspect of life, from health to business to relationships with both my husband and friends, old and new.

This coming year, one of my goals is to grow my coaching business and to continue to build it and coach more people.

Another goal is to work with my husband to expand our housing investment business. This is the reason we are moving to Indiana, to invest in this market up close and personal instead of from a distance.

I?ve faced many challenges this past year, and I truly do look at those times as learning opportunities because I took the time to reflect and realize what I was able to learn from those times.

I could have chosen to look at the circumstances in a completely different way, a disempowering way. I could have chosen to complain that life sucks and is unfair. I could have chosen to feel like a victim when things didn?t go the way I?d anticipated. But living with that viewpoint just makes life miserable. That negative perspective doesn?t produce any helpful outcomes.

So, I choose to see the perspective that it?s all happening for me. It?s all happening the way it?s supposed to, so that I can grow and become a better person. So that I can learn and then share and give back.

How was your year? How are you choosing to think about it? Are you choosing an empowering perspective which helps you grow, or are you choosing a disempowering perspective that keeps you stuck?

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