I started talking about my new morning routines in yesterday?s post. You can read it here..

Today I?m talking more about it because seriously, I love routines!

Routines and structure are essential to productivity. As I wrote in my post last Thursday (check it out here), our brains have limited capacity for decision making each day. Therefore, the more routines you have, the more automatic your activities, this leaves your brain open for decision making for more important matters.

So, when you have a bedtime routine, you don?t have to use brain power to decide what to do. You just do it. This is so great.

With my new routine, bedtime is approximately 9:15 PM Sunday through Wednesday. Wake-up time is 5:10 AM Monday through Thursday, so this is 8 hours. Between 8:00-8:30 PM, I?m wrapping up what I?m doing to start getting ready for bed. Then, if I?m in bed early, I?ll read a physical book for a little while.

Since this is a newer routine (last week or so), it?s still being programmed as automatic. I allow myself space to not always get it right, but the more I do it, the more automatic it will become.

In the morning, my husband and I workout from 6:00 AM to around 7:20 AM, including stretching, then shower there and get home around 8:00 AM. Then, we take the dogs out to the back yard and throw the balls for them for 15 minutes.

Then, we have breakfast and write in our productivity planners for the day. This was our Christmas gift, I wrote about in December (you can read it here). The planner is working great so far, and keeps us focused throughout the day on the most essential tasks.

Next, I?ll spend about 30 minutes on journaling and meditation and self-coaching.

Now time to begin the work day.

How are your morning and evening routines? Do you struggle to even think about how you would like them to go, let alone implementing the routines? How would life be different to have automatic routines so that your brain didn?t have to keep using its decision making on getting to bed and getting up?

If you?d like some free coaching on this, I?d love to coach you. Schedule a free mini-coaching session here. We?ll talk over the phone, and we?ll determine solutions specifically for you.