(He?s ok)

Dodger is 11.5 years old, a chocolate lab, my first pet.

Three years ago, he was diagnosed with enlarged heart disease. The vet prescribed a bunch of medications that my husband and I give him 4 times a day.

These meds have given him renewed energy and life, and the vet calls him a miracle dog.

He?d been doing great until last Sunday, when he started acting sick, lethargic and not wanting to eat.

We were concerned, but there were a few other factors going on that we thought maybe he just needed some extra rest and would recover.

By Thursday, we took him to the vet, and she was very concerned. By this time, we had started thinking the worst and the day had been tear-filled.

She ran a bunch of tests and x-rays, and to our surprise, Dodger?s sickness did not appear to be due to his heart condition. Rather, it appears to be a prostate infection.

Antibiotics and a couple other meds were prescribed. Over the weekend he did not improve and refused to eat altogether. Forcing the pills down his throat was an ordeal every time (4 times per day).

Then, starting Monday, he finally started to improve! He was sitting up and looking more alert and responsive.

Yesterday he started to eat a little ground turkey. We tried feeding him so many different foods and this was the only one he was interested in.

Today, he is getting so much better! He ate a bunch of ground turkey and came back for more. He is actually running a little bit, and gets up when we move around.


I experienced a lot of sadness this week thinking the worst, and I know this is an inevitable fate that could happen anytime.

This week has had me feeling so appreciative of life, for both my dog and also the people in my life who have been experiencing life-threatening illness.

If you?re going through a situation where you or someone you love are ill, it?s ok to be sad and to experience all the emotions, including frustration, guilt, anger, fear.

Then, when you want to feel better, I?ve found that being grateful for and truly appreciating the life that has been or still is, to be very relieving.

If this story brings up something in you, and you think you would want some help in dealing with what you?re going though, I?m here for you.

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