?Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.? Jim Rhon.

This was the quote in my Productivity Planner for today. I love it!

Motivation is a feeling, a vibration in our body. Feelings come and go, and they are created by the thoughts we?re thinking. This is why we sometimes feel motivated and other times we don?t.

When we don?t feel motivated, we?re not thinking motivating thoughts. We?re likely thinking other thoughts that create different feelings, like fear, boredom or dislike.

What are your thoughts that create motivation? This is the reason you want to do something, your why.

Why do you want to do something? What will that accomplish? Why do you want it?

To switch from motivation to habit is when we?ve been thinking the motivation thoughts so often that they no longer require effort, they then come naturally.

We build the habit through practice. And practice means trying and deliberate effort and not being great at it for many attempts. Then one day the repetition has finally paid off, and the thoughts and feelings and actions have become natural and habitual.

And then we are actually good at it!

Next time you?re wondering where’s your motivation, practice thinking motivating thoughts that remind you of why you?re desiring this action and goal to begin with.

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