As I shared in my last post, the first part of my morning routine Monday thru Thursday includes gym workout, shower, family walk with husband and dogs, then breakfast.

It feels good to me to have established this routine that I created deliberately. The pieces set me up for a great day and great week.

During breakfast, this is my first time opening my iPad and iPhone and I use this time to read articles and blogs sent to my personal email. I go through seasons where certain topics stand out to me. Currently, I?m interested in reading material about content creation, blogging, online presence, etc. Coaching topics are also continually interesting to me.

This begins a learning and information receiving part of the day. Breakfast time goes from 30-60 minutes, depending on how many good articles there are to read.

Next, I do one household chore, dishes or folding laundry. I didn?t used to have a schedule for these, and it always felt like a burden to get the chores done. It would feel so random, like it is forgotten until it gets out of hand and then it was anywhere from annoying to dreadful.

I started this schedule for the chore at the beginning of the year as a test, and I found out that it works really well for me. I actually have it in my calendar that after breakfast I?ll either do dishes or fold laundry, depending on the day. (My husband does the dishes on the alternate day).

After the chore, I go upstairs and spend 20-30 minutes stretching and foam rolling. I believe in stretching and foam rolling regularly, especially due to the hard exercise I participate in each day. My goal with this time is to increase flexibility, decrease soreness, and prevent injuries.

During my chore and stretching time, I choose a podcast, webinar, or audio course to listen to, to continue my learning. I love The Life Coach School podcast. So good!

After stretching, I sit down for some meditation and journaling. This is an area I have found a lot of value in, but it?s definitely a work in progress. Stay tuned for more about meditation and journaling in upcoming posts.

The last step of the morning is to put on makeup for the day. This is not every day I?ll admit, but it is most days. If I?m going to be meeting with anyone or video conferencing, I prefer to have a professional appearance.

Now, I?m ready to start the work day. This usually begins around 9:30 AM.

What type of information do you start your day with? Are you starting with positive reading and audio learning? Do you prioritize stretching and foam rolling? Do you have meditation and journaling routines?

I can help you think about how you want to live your mornings and help you create a plan to accomplish this.



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