The Model Health Show podcast just came out with another awesome episode titled: “Four barriers to break through when building your body and your life.? Listen here.

The four barriers are:

1. Hesitation
2. Lethargy
3. Mis-management of time
4. Doubt

I found this episode to be packed with tons of great information about being a better person, but of course number 3 peaked my interest the most, being that I?m into time-management talk lately.

They said this quote, which I love:

?To manage your time is to manage your life. To waste your time is to waste your life.?

That statement alone is so powerful. If you?re not managing, you?re wasting. Wow.

This episode listed a few ideas for how to start managing yourself and time:

* Optimize time by chunking. Chunking specific tasks together that are related. When the mind has to switch back and forth between different things, it is less efficient than if it were able to just focus on one thing.
* Saying yes or no. If it’s not 100% yes, then it?s a no. Every time you say yes to something, you?re saying no to something else.
* Take control of your mornings. Don?t let the first things you do be looking at messages, emails, texts, etc. This is a distraction that takes you away from starting the morning on your terms.
* Create a healthy relationship with our devices. Balance. The original meaning of device: division, separation, wish or desire. Devices can connect us but also separate us from ourselves. Make sure we put these things in their proper place.

Time is going to happen. How do you manage yourself within that time?

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