How important is it to you for your work to be meaningful?

I like to look for meaning in my work, no matter how mundane or unimportant the task at hand can sometimes feel.

I?ve had many different working situations throughout my life so far, starting with delivering newspaper routes and working at the car wash in high school; working at restaurants and coffee shops throughout college; working in the California State Capitol for the Legislature; leasing and permitting for cell phone towers; now to life coaching.

The work of life coaching intrinsically feels meaningful, as I?m literally helping people feel better, do better, be better.

But what about all the other aspects of being an entrepreneur? Bookkeeping, sales, marketing, planning, stressing out?

When I?m thinking the something I?m working on is tedious, boring or pointless, I feel bad. These thoughts create feelings of drudgery, annoyance, and lethargy.

When I notice I?m feeling that way, I decide to remind myself of the overall purpose of my work and its meaningfulness. Then, my feeling shifts to more invigorated, purposeful, and motivated.

Think about the work you do, and how looking for meaning and purpose can boost your energy, mood and purposefulness throughout the day.

What meaning do you find in your work?

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