Yesterday, I started a beta group coaching program for time-management and productivity for other coaches.

There were two calls, and on the first call, we spent the hour coaching each person and creating a goal for the coming week.

On the second call, we worked on this too. But we also talked a little bit about the concept of ?Life Accounts.”

I read about Life Accounts in Michael Hyatt?s book, Living Forward.

Life Accounts represent the categories of our life, like health, relationships, money, etc.

Life Accounts are like bank accounts. In order to keep a positive balance, you must put in more than you take out.

There are nine basic life accounts, 3 each in 3 categories.

  1. The first three categories represent ?Being,? and includes our Physical, Spiritual and Intellectual accounts. As we?ve often heard before, it?s important to take care of ourselves first before we can care for others or things. If we don?t take care of ourselves first, then we have nothing available to give to the other accounts.
  2. The second three categories represent ?Relating,? and the three accounts are Marital, Parental, Social. These are our relationships with significant other, parents, kids, family, friends.
  3. The last three categories represent ?Doing,? and the accounts include: Vocational, Avocational, and Financial. Everything that we do such as job, managing finances, hobbies, household fit into these accounts.

The author recommends creating a personalized list of Life Accounts and naming the accounts with more specific meaning.

The number of accounts should be between 5 and 12. Less than five is not specific enough. More than 12 is too unmanageable.

Once you have your list of accounts, you?ll then rank them in the order that you want to be most important to you at this time in your life.

This order is what you actually want to achieve and how you want to be living. It may not represent how you?re currently living.

But that is where you get to make an evaluation of where you might want to make some changes.

I love thinking about the different categories of my life this way. I love looking at how I?m spending my time and knowing that I?m filling the Life Accounts that are important to me whenever I put time and energy into that category.

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