For a while I had been wanting to start a weekly email, but I had not done it for the longest time.

I finally did it!

A couple weeks ago, the first one went out, and last week the second.

I had been procrastinating, making excuses and just not making it a priority.

Does this sound like anything in your life?

So often, there is something that we want to do or start doing regularly and we put it off.

Why do we do this?

Thoughts create feelings. Feelings drive actions or inactions.

So, to find the reason why we?re not doing something, we need to look at our feeling and the thought causing the feeling.

Once this is determined, we can choose a new thought and new feeling to drive the action we want.

In this case, I wanted to start sending the weekly email, which only began with sending one email.

My excuses in my head were around design and content, and these became irrelevant once I decided to just do it.

I realized the feeling was fear and defeat, and the thought was that it wouldn?t be good enough.

Once I noticed that was the thought, I decided I didn?t want to think that, nor did I believe that to be true. It was just a thought, but it was causing me inaction and delay.

I decided my new feelings would be determined, confident, and persevering. My thoughts would be ?I have value. I provide value.”

The shift in thought and feeling makes all the difference in getting done what you want to do.

What are you wanting to do that you?re not doing? What is the feeling and thought behind this inaction? What are new feelings and thoughts you can think on purpose to accomplish what you want to do?

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