I?m on a podcast today! And not just any podcast. My favorite podcast, The Life Coach School Podcast!

My segment plays at the end of Brooke?s regular podcast segment, starting at around minute 22. Listen here!

I definitely recommend listening to the whole podcast episode. Brooke?s information about the feeling of hope is fascinating.

Her discussion is definitely advanced coaching concepts, but could be interesting to anyone I would think.

Have you ever thought about hope as a feeling that does not serve you? That is not helpful?

When I first heard this, I was floored. I thought it was the strangest thing, but it is so right.

When we are hopeful, it?s like we?re expecting the world to hand us something. It?s like our life is not within our own control.

Hope is abdicating responsibility and delegating it to something or someone else outside of us, out there somewhere.

I used to be very hopeful, and I thought it was a good thing. Hope feels kinda good because you?re thinking that in the future sometime (way out there), something good could happen.

What if instead of hope you had certainty, confidence, commitment and responsibility to make things happen? These emotions are much better for creating the results we want in our lives rather than relying on a hopeful emotion.

Hope is too passive. It doesn?t require work or action.

And yet, getting what we want out of our lives does require work and action.

Do you want to just wish and hope, or do you want to create and live?

I can coach you on this, as well as sleep anxiety as I talk about in my segment of the podcast.

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