Yesterday, I wrote about no flour no sugar that I?m starting after I move in mid-January. I didn?t get into why I chose that, so I?ll do that today.

This is a first step for weight loss recommended by my mentor, Brooke Castillo, founder of the Life Coach School, where I got one of my certifications for life coaching.

The problem with flour and sugar is that both of these products create an insulin spike in the blood stream, which messes up our hormones and prevents weight loss.

So, by eliminating these, we are getting our bodies back to a working hormone system and allowing the fat in our bodies to be burned away.

There are other factors too, of course. This is just a basic level, and it?s where I?m going to start in January.

Another tool I?m going to be using is called the hunger scale. This means eating only when hungry and stopping when satisfied.

By waiting until we?re hungry, we allow the body time to start burning fat stored on our body. If we?re always eating, the body is only using the new food for fuel and doesn?t get to the fat on the body.

This will be a new tactic for me. I?ve traditionally been a person who gets into a habit of eating at certain times. So, we?ll see how this goes.

I?m re-listening to some of The Life Coach School podcasts about weight loss. Today I listened to episode #76 where she talks about hormones, hunger and the hunger scale.

I definitely recommend it. You can listen here.

As I mentioned yesterday, let me know if you would like to go through a group life coaching weight loss program with me. If you?re interested, send me a comment or message. 🙂

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