I used to think I was more of a night owl and not a morning person. I didn?t have a regular bedtime, and my mind would fight with my body about going to sleep. My body would feel tired, but I would ignore it because I wanted to stay up. I didn’t have any good reasons to stay up, there was more of just a sense of not wanting to go to sleep because that meant I was closer to the next day, which gave me a sense of dread.

It would be hard to wake up in the morning. I would hit snooze multiple times. I didn?t value the idea of a bedtime routine or morning routine. The morning was usually a rush to get out the door because I hadn?t woken up with enough time to really get ready.

I think the idea of a bedtime routine, or going to bed early felt old somehow, and I wanted to feel young. This perspective and way of thinking about bedtimes was part of the contributing factor to remaining with that lifestyle.

However, I didn?t like the rushed feeling in the morning, this led to a feeling of disconnectedness throughout the day and a feeling that I had no control over my habits.

I had this thought that I wasn?t a morning person and also that working out in the morning was not for me. Having these thoughts about myself didn?t feel great, however, and I was only limiting myself by choosing to think that way. I only realize this now in hindsight. At the time, it just felt like the truth rather than a choice.

I know now that the way I choose to be is completely up to me. There is no innate night person or morning person that is beyond my control. I get to choose.

Do you think to yourself that you are a morning person or a night person? Do you feel like you have no control over this? What if you were able to choose how you wanted to be?

I can help you think about how you want to be and help you create a plan to accomplish this.



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