Last week, I started the Oprah & Deepak free meditation experience on the topic of hope.

I enjoy these meditation experiences that Oprah & Deepak conduct several times each year. Each of them has different themes.

I wrote a blog post previously about hope (Read here!), and my mentor Brooke Castillo?s view that hope does not serve any helpful purpose.

She views hope as a passive feeling that doesn?t actually create want we want in our lives. Like wishful thinking. Like dreaming without pursuit.

I can see that perspective, and I can see how other emotions can be more useful in the pursuit of our goals.

However, I have been enjoying the different perspective that Oprah & Deepak provide about hope.

They say that hope is strength and certainty. The strength of hope is an optimism that carries us through uncertain times and hard times.

With hope, we have certainty that we are ok. We know that everything that happens is on purpose.

Hope brings the perspective of possibilities and looking for evidence of positivity in ourselves and our surroundings.

It is the opposite of negativity and pessimism. The opposite of despair and worry.

As a person who embraces optimism, I appreciate these concepts about hope as a positive force.

But I definitely also see the value in recognizing that hope doesn?t produce action. It is maybe a catalyst toward other actionable feelings.

Another mentor, Bill Sumner, The Inevitable You, asks ?Is the glass half full or half empty?? and the answer is always that it?s both! It depends on who you are when looking at it.

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