I was coaching a client the other day who was feeling a lot of overwhelm due to her beliefs around her duties during the Holidays.

She said, “The Holidays are hard and really challenging. I?m just trying to juggle it all, and I?m exhausted. It?s a struggle with my family. I?m having a hard time coping. I?m trying to balance everything, I run out of energy, and it?s a vicious cycle.?

I asked her, “Is there a way to look at the next few weeks that could provide you with some relief? A way to think about everything that?s coming up that could be easier for you??

She said, “I haven?t ever thought about relief as an option…To have relief is interesting…I would like relief.”

We talked about what relief would look like, and we talked about self-love.

We brainstormed ways to come back to relief when the overwhelming thoughts came back. We came up with these to start with:

* Meditating
* Reading uplifting and inspiration material
* Mantras and affirmations
* Wrist band to remember to come back to the centering thought

We concluded the session with the client giving herself permission to take control and choose how she wants to feel and how she wants to participate.

By remembering that how we feel and how we act is our own choice, she was able to take back the control of her life, whereas she had previously felt out of control.

She was amazed that through this coaching session, by talking it through and considering a different perspective about relief, that she already started to feel relief.

How can you look for relief when you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control? What are some ways you can remember that you can choose how you feel and how you act?

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