Have you ever heard the term, ?holding the space?? This is a coaching term I learned which describes the way that the coach is there for their client.

If you?ve never worked with a coach before, you?ll want to know that discussions you have with your coach won?t resemble the conversations you have with your friends, brothers or sisters, or parents. While your close friends might react to what you say and agree or disagree with you, your coach is not going to do any of those things.

At times you might not like what your coach has to say. While close friends tend to empathize, a coach is there to reveal things to you that you might not be aware of. All of it comes from a place of love and a desire to teach you new skills. But it will feel different than your lunchtime conversations with friends because your coach will be holding the space.

Coaching is all about the client and what they need, not at all about the coach or the coach?s opinions or agenda. The most important thing a coach can do for their clients is ?hold the space? for whatever it is they need to work out. What this means is that the coach creates a virtual, spiritual place where you can unload your mind and in return, receive an honest perspective.

Other people in your your life are involved and not focused on objectivity, whereas your coach?s role is to remain neutral. Your coach is the one person who can listen to anything you have to say without reference to their own opinion. You can ?act out? your negative emotions with your coach and tell your coach your negative thoughts and secrets; your coach can help by holding the unconditional space where thoughts and emotions can be looked at, unraveled, and understood.

Don?t underestimate the power of having a coach that will hold the space. This alone can change your life.

When I first received coaching, I was truly amazed at the impact I felt as the coach held the space. I was able to really go deep with my issues and get them figured out and move on. I couldn?t believe how different it was from just talking to my friends about my problems. The coach?s ability to hold the space with non-judgment is really what helped me to get real and create the changes in my life that I desired.

Holding the space is one of the most impactful things your coach will do. It will be the difference between a conversation where you are venting to a friend, and one that instead, allows you to explore a safe space where you can truly change how you feel about yourself and your life.

Would talking with a coach help you feel better about your situation? How would it feel to have someone listen to you with no judgement whatsoever and know that they are there just for your and your well-being?

Holding the space is one of the first skills I learned as a coach. If you?re interested in experiencing the power of coaching with a coach who is holding the space for you, I offer everyone a free mini-coaching session. Click the button below to schedule.



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