I hope you?re having a lovely day!

My husband and I celebrated Valentine?s Day on Sunday night. He had asked me a few weeks ago to set aside Sunday night for a surprise – so romantic.

We got dressed up and went downtown, and we had reservations to eat a fancy dinner at St. Elmo?s steakhouse, one of the oldest places in the city. I love getting dressed up to go out to fancy dinner BTW. It had a great vibe and delicious food and drinks. The best part of course was celebrating our love and enjoying being together.

A few weeks ago, I listened to an awesome podcast episode about relationships. The guy who wrote Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus, Dr. John Gray, was interviewed on The Model Health Show, Episode #199. (Listen here).

Dr. Gray has a new book out talking about the documented science behind his original relationship advice.

I was fascinated to learn that men and women?s hormones react and respond differently due to various types of communication.

I?ve heard for a long time, probably from the original book, about how women prefer to talk out there problems without any desire to solve it in the moment, just to get it off their chest, and they desire someone to just listen.

What they talked about in the podcast is that this is actually a hormone balancer and required for optimum bodily health. So weird!

For men, they often need space to themselves when upset so they can calm down before talking about it. This is an actual hormonal process required for optimal health.

I hope I summarized it correctly. This was my takeaway. I encourage you to listen to get the full info yourself. I?d love to hear what you think.

How important is communication in relationships? How important is the way we communicate?

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